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  • Marsha Hauck

Our first Memorial Day Weekend 2021

It started Friday with an afternoon and evening storm with rain and wind. Many were detained and arrivals were later than normal. Everyone arrived safely and despite the rain were planning on a fun weekend. Although it did not all go as planned for everyone. A camper got his truck stuck sliding in the slick hillside after unloading his gear. Luckily, he did not go into the creek and was pulled out the next morning with no damage to the truck. The weather did turn for the better Saturday and the rest of the holiday weekend. The mountain bikers got to ride (The Tsali Mountain bike trails are close by.) The hikers got to hike. The kayakers and rafters got to go boating and the fishermen got to fish. The Nantahala River is known for great rafting, kayaking and fantastic fly fishing. After the day's adventures, the evening had the smell of campfires and s’mores wafting in the air. Thanks to all our Campers for making it happen. Until next time… Nantahala Hideaway signing out.

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