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You may check-in to your Cabin, RV or tent site between 1-5 pm.  Check out is at 11am.

Can I request an early check-in?

Please let us know if your travel plans have you arriving earlier than 2 pm, we may be able to accommodate a 1:30 check in if we have advance notice.  Please keep in mind that we use the time between check-in and check-out to check campsites and do facility maintenance and cleaning.

What do I do if I’m a late arrival?

We do not accept walk in reservations after 5 pm EST.

  • If a later check-in is required, please contact the office no later than 4:00 PM EST to make the needed arrangements.  Anyone using a campsite for any type of camping including RV’s must be on their site and have their camp completely set up no later than 10PM EST.

Can I request a late check out?

  • Contact the office to see if there is a possibility for a later check out..

Do you have any Group Discounts?  Military Discounts?  Are you a member of the Good Sam Club?

Nantahala Hideaway is not a member of the Good Sam Club or any of the other franchise campground associations.  We are currently not offering any discounts.

Is there a group camp site?

Not at this time.  We recommend that you book multiple tent sites next to each other if you’re coming with multiple parties, but please note that we do have quiet hours at the Nantahala Hideaway Campground and Cabins, so for larger groups, please be aware that if your party can be heard from another campsite it is too loud.

Can we invite our local friends or family to join us?

Friends, family and visitors are welcomed.  Your guests may need to park in the overflow lot by the  All visitors must depart campground no later than 9:00 pm EST.  All visitors must follow all rules and policies of the campground. The guest that made the reservation will be held responsible for the actions of their visitors..


Can I do a group hold?

Please call the office for availability and further details.. 

Do you charge my credit card at time of reservation?

Yes, all reservations are paid in full at the time of booking.

Do you offer long term stay?

We have weekly terms on some cabins and sites.  Check out our Rates and Info tab for details.

Are you open year round?

No.  Normally we will be open from mid to late March until October 31th.  Winter stays will vary. This is subject to change for any reason,  Check the reservation portal for detailed dates

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, the Cabins and campgrounds are dog friendly.  Read more details on our pet policy on our Policies tab.

Cancellation and No Show Policy:  

Single reservation:

Cancellations up to 10 days prior to arrival date – 100% refund less 4% or $10.00 fee, whichever is greater.

Cancellations 4-9 days prior to arrival date – 50% refund

Cancellations less than 3 days prior to arrival date – No Refund

Group reservation consisting of 2 or more cabins or RV sites or 4 or more tent sites:

Cancellations up to 30 days prior to arrival date – 50% refund

Cancellations 4-9 days prior to arrival date – 25% refund

Cancellations less than 1-3 days prior to arrival date – No Refund


• No Show Policy – if a guest fails to arrive on the documented date and does not contact the office by 5:00 pm, their site will be held only until checkout time (11:00 AM) the following day.


Do you have Cable or WIFI connection at the cabins or campground?


Do the RV sites allow tents?

Only a three man tent will fit on some of the RV sites. We ask that you book a camp site if you are interested in tent camping as well as using your RV or travel trailer. 

*Note - Most camp sites can only accommodate two 3-4 man tents.

Do you have a dump station and what does it cost?

We do not have a public dump station.  

Can we BBQ at our site?

You are welcome to bring a propane stove, or a small charcoal grills,  You are required to dispose of propane tanks and coals in a safe and correct manner. No coals are to be dumped on any of the grounds, wooded area or fire pits,.

Is there room if I have more than one car?

 See the Rates and Info tab for details for car parking for cabins and sites.  There is limited overflow parking at the office.

Are RV’s allowed to dry camp at campsites?

Yes, but no generators are permitted in these areas and no exterior overnight lighting.

Can we have campfires at our site?

Yes.  See detailed information by viewing the Policies tab.

Are fireworks allowed?

Fireworks are strictly prohibited from cabins, camp sites and the entire Nantahala Hideaway property.

Do you have an Electric Car Charging Station?

  • We do not have the facilities for you to charge your electric car while camping with us.

  • Can I use an RV site to charge our car? No, the RV sites are for campers using the sites, they are not available for use by other campers.

  • Can I just run an extension cord from the site or the bathroom to charge our car?

Unfortunately no, the plugs are not designed to put out enough power to charge your car and will result in shorting the fuse box and impacting other customers.  The extension cord is also a tripping and safety hazard.

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